Douro, Portugal

Next stop – PORTugal

In Porto we visited my friend Marta, the same Marta that we visited in Galicia. She is currently living and travelling back and forward between ...
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Combarro, Spain

Meet up in Vigo

Vigo… definitely not a top tourist attraction. No fancy cafeterias (well not many), not an extraordinary archit ecture (nothing you wouldn’t see in Santiago or ...
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Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

In Ireland of Spain a.k.a. Galicia

My love for Galicia started years ago when I came here to study as an exchange student. I’m not going to lie, it ...
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Barcelona, Spain

Goodbye Colombia, hello Spain

The last days in Colombia were difficult, we were realizing that something was coming to an end. On one hand we wanted to eat as ...
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