Kalouts, Iran

How we went to the Moon- our trip to the Kalouts desert

HOW WE WENT TO THE MOON OUR TRIP TO THE KALOUTS DESERTWriting and Photography Marta Przewozna Kalout desert was our favorite sight in whole Iran. We are always more than happy ...
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Qeshm Island, Iran

Not such a paradise… on Qeshm Island

NOT SUCH A PARADISE... ON QESHM ISLAND Persian Gulf, island, sea and sun should be a recipe for a perfect place. It sounds just about as exotic as it gets… ...
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Isfahan. Iran

24 h in Isfahan

24 H IN ISFAHAN Isfahan has some of the most picturesque sights of the country that we just couldn’t skip. On the other hand is one of those cities that ...
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The Pink Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

The colors of Shiraz

THE COLORS OF SHIRAZ Shiraz ended up being our favorite city in Iran and definitely a city we would recommend for anyone. Even if it was the only city to ...
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Kashan, Iran

The adobe beauty of Kashan

THE ADOBE BEAUTY OF KASHAN  Kashan is a place where most spend just a few hours, it’s an adobe beauty. Well at least the center because honestly getting to any ...
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Kerman, Iran

How much does it cost to travel in Iran? Our budget and tips

How much does it cost to travel in Iran? Our budget and tips Iran is one of those countries where you start off as a millionaire but your millions run ...
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