Siedlisko Sobibór, Poland

Siedlisko Sobibór- oasis of peace

Sobibor doesn’t bring the best associations forward. In Holland it’s known just as a concentration camp. Nevertheless, Poland goes on and with a booming economy the most unexpected branch of tourism flourishes… even there. Yep, I’m talking about agrotourism. It’s ...
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Podlasie, Poland

Podlasie- the highlights

Back in 2016 we went to Białowieża for the first time. On the bus there we spotted stunning wooden houses, colorful orthodox churches and an almighty forest. Afterall the region is called Podlasie which could be translated to “under, near ...
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Carska, Bialowieza, Poland

Orient Express Experience in Białowieża

The Orient Express has always been a very highly placed dream on my bucket list. The old-time splendor, smell of wood, sounds of riding a train and excitement of a new adventure…. Who wouldn’t want it? Over the years I ...
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Vuurtoreneiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Lighthouse island- middle of nowhere near Amsterdam

There aren’t many places around Amsterdam that make me feel like I’m at the end of the world. Holland is well designed, everything has its place and sometimes nature seems to be literally engineered. That and the fast pace of ...
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De Haar Castle, The Netherlands

Castle De Haar- A day trip from Amsterdam

Many consider de Haar Castle the most spectacular castle in The Netherlands. I can’t judge it since I haven’t seen them all… just yet. Nevertheless it is the biggest one in the country and it’s definitely stunning and worth a ...
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A peaceful weekend in Heusden

Mostly we choose a destination because there is something interesting to see or do in there. Scrolling through B&Bs on I decided to change that approach. What if we chose an accommodation to be our prime destination? Sounds like ...
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We are a polish-dutch couple whose dream was to travel the world. We met back in 2012 at work, chemistry connected us... literally as we are both chemists. We always talked about travelling as about being millionaires… like it’s not possible but in February 2015 we took the step of leaving everything behind and packing our backpacks to see the world. Since then we sipped coffee surrounded by coffee beans in Colombia, admired the glaciers in Argentina, dived on the remote island of Providencia and followed the path of the Incas in Peru. After 14 months in Latin America we traveled extensively in Europe, Middle East and Asia. We fell in love with Japan, experienced Omani hospitality, got stunned by the beauty of Taiwanese nature and even took a journey to the future in Singapore.
As of January 2018 we feel that although travels enrich us every single day, we want to have friends and a house to go back to. Nowadays we are working our way towards setting up our life in The Netherlands. BUT that does not mean that our adventures won’t continue! They certainly will and so will the blog.

Plans for 2020:
Exploring The Netherlands, showing you a country that has much more to offer than just Amsterdam
European city trips
Long-due visit to Jandirk’s parents in the Dutch Caribbean


He’s the geeky one in our duo. Master of computers, now fascinated with programming. Nowadays he practices chemistry only in the kitchen. He is an amazing cook and he loves experimenting and learning new cuisines. JD might seem shy but after some time (or booze) he can be quite a talker.


She’s the social one. She could talk one to death and if not she could definitely kill with her loud laugh. Marta is the brain of the project and a big planner. Her big passion is photography and lately also crochet. She also loves eating whatever JD cooks.