Rainbow Village, Taichung, Taiwan

How much does it cost to travel on Taiwan? Our budget and tips

Many say that if you can’t afford Japan, Taiwan is a good alternative. That made us think and expect this little ...
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Dumpings, Taipei, Taiwan

Where and what to eat and drink in Taipei? Our favorite spots and dishes

Tiny dumpling place Unfortunately we have no idea how the place was called, if it even had a name but ...
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Huashan 1914 Creativity Park, Taipei, Taiwan

8 must sees in Taipei

Like many other Asian cities, Taipei can be a bit chaotic and needs few days to fall in love with. For those who stay and explore, it offers tones ...
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Jiufen, Taipei, Taiwan

Day trips from Taipei

Taiwan is a small island and although Taipei is pretty much in the deep north of it… it feels like it’s in the middle of it all. I can’t think ...
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Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Cycling around the Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon Lake is the biggest lake on Taiwan and on an island that small, it can get pretty crowded during the weekend. Because of the potential ...
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Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama

How to save money during traveling?

These days traveling is almost for everyone. There is something for every budget. Although the smaller the budget the more effort and research it costs. After more than ...
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We are a polish-dutch couple whose dream was to travel the world. We met back in 2012 at work, chemistry connected us... literally as we are both chemists. We always talked about travelling as about being millionaires… like it’s not possible but since February 2015 we are on the road. We have visited many Latin American countries, made some stops in our beloved Europe to rest and recharge. With new energy and passion we started the second part of our journey in the Middle East. Currently we are exploring Asia which was our biggest dream since the beginning. We don't have a fixed plan, just dreams and openness for what the day brings 🙂


He’s the geeky one in our duo. Master of computers, now fascinated with programming. Nowadays he practices chemistry only in the kitchen. He is an amazing cook and he loves experimenting and learning new cuisines. JD might seem shy but after some time (or booze) he can be quite a talker.


She’s the social one. She could talk one to death and if not she could definitely kill with her loud laugh. Marta is the brain of the project and a big planner. Her big passion is photography and lately also crochet. She also loves eating whatever JD cooks.


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