Miramar, Argentina

WWOOF is a worldwide organization that permits people like us the experience of living on a farm with locals. And thanks to it we have stayed an amazing month on a farm close to Mar del Plata in Argentina. It's been different from our expectations as the farm is just beginning but we had the time of our life. We felt at home with the family that hosted us. We enjoyed our time over there cleaning, digging, renovating, planting. We truly hope that at some point we will be able to come back there and see the place flourishing! But what we enjoyed the most were people!!! We felt like we were a part of a big family. The hosts are truly inspiring people with lots of ideas and they were always open to talk about everything which allowed us to understand Argentina a bit more. And than the friends of the family. Especially our Euge who showed us really a lot around Mar del Plata and made us laugh on every kilometer of the way. And of course people with whom we volunteered!!! Kathi our German friend who was like a Chinese tourist taking pictures of everything (just like me:))) and a Canadian couple who were full of initiative to do things and with whom we created a nice group:)
On the farm I also became a huge fan of dogs. One in particular: Dingo. We found him on the side of a road when we were going to the city and we saw him again in the same place on the way back. Later he followed us to the farm. He was kind of crazy, scared and skinny but after few weeks at the farm he seemed to resemble a normal dog a bit more but still very enthusiastic. Deep down inside I hoped I could take him home with us. But our trip has just began and it's time for us to hit the road again. This time to Bariloche:)

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    Loes de Gier - April 23, 2015


    Ik heb weer genoten van jullie verhalen en de foto’s.

    Groet Loes

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      JD - April 23, 2015

      Dank je wel Loes! Groetjes!!

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    laurentia - April 26, 2015

    mooi verhaal! en natuurlijk gaan jullie ooit nog eens terug om te kijken hoe de boerderij er dan bij staat

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    euge - June 6, 2015


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    Aldo Kohan - March 27, 2016

    Hei, I will appreciate the mail of this farm near Mar del Plata. Im now worawaying in a beatifull finca in San Rafael (Mendoza – Argentina).
    Have a nice week

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